CHAMPION OF HOPE - Documentary


Diagnosed with Parkinson's, actor George Harris sank into a hole of hopelessness that he called "the dark night of his soul." It is there that he found the power of hope and a new understanding of healing that has inspired him to travel the world to explore different treatments as well as the limits of his own being.


Champion of Hope is a documentary that accompanies the journey of renowned British actor George William Harris (Harry Potter, Black Hawk Down, Indiana Jones) as he faces the crisis and challenges that arise after he is diagnosed with an incurable disease. Together with his wife Sarah and his friend Sammy, he will travel the world looking for remedies that could help him improve his condition. The film interweaves three stories that allude to the body, mind, and spirit in their healing process.


George Harris


Sammy Samir



Daniel Gruener y Sammy Samir



Daniel Gruener y Juan José Saravia



Gabriel Rodríguez "Choco"


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